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The TACTICO scope is a sophisticated and extremely compact viewing device preferred by police, paramilitary, law enforcement agencies and S.W.A.T. teams for use in surveillance and covert operations. The TACTICO scope enables direct line-of-sight view through most door peepholes to assess potential threats and activity taking place inside the premises. The TACTICO viewer is an effective tool in a tactical arsenal that could prevent or reduce the negative or lethal consequences during a strategic deployment such as breaching or raiding a clandestine narcotics or gun operation.

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Standard Tactico Scope

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Tactico Scope With Optional Winged Eyecup

device with eyecup

Design Characteristics

The TACTICO scope uses a modified reversed refracting telescope design with high quality glass multi-coated optical lenses and BAK-4 glass paired prism. This combination results in a very small, lightweight, and powerful scope that is easy to carry and conceal for covert police operations. The outer frame of the TACTICO scope is made of a tough polymer material. It encloses the optical parts in a nitrogen filled environment that is waterproof and fog proof for clear visuals under most weather conditions. The outside surface is coated with a tactical black rubberized finish for easy grip and includes a lens protecting rubber eyecup for impact resistance.

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This product is available through authorized dealers — sold only to law enforcement agencies.

The TACTICO scope is available at:

  • www.defendo.os


  • Dimensions: 33mm x 85mm
  • Weight: 51 grams
  • Prism type: BAK-4
  • Lens type: Optical glass
  • Lens coating: Multi-coated
  • Variable focusing
  • Direct line-of-sight: 12 degrees
  • Frame Material: Polymer
  • Waterproof/Fog proof
  • Sealed cylinder nitrogen filled
  • Front rubber lens eyecup: included
  • Rear rubber winged eye guard: optional
  • Exterior coating: rubberized
  • Limited Warranty: 2 years

Future products:

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Terms And Conditions / Warranty

Limited warranty

Tactico Scope warrants the product shown herein to be free of manufacturing defects in material and workmanship, subject to the conditions hereinafter set forth, for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase by the original purchaser.


This Warranty is subject to the following conditions and limitations. Only new products purchased through an authorized Tactico Scope retailer or importer are eligible for warranty coverage. The Warranty is void if the product has been used or converted for any use other than originally intended, abused, misused, damaged by accident or neglect or in being transported without care, or if the defect is due to the product being repaired or tampered with by anyone other than Tactico Scope or an authorized Tactico Scope repair center. The product must be packaged and returned to Tactico Scope or an authorized Tactico Scope repair center by the customer at his or her sole expense. Tactico Scope will pay return freight of its choice. A RETURNED PRODUCT MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A WRITTEN DESCRIPTION OF THE DEFECT AND A PHOTOCOPY OF THE ORIGINAL PURCHASE RECEIPT. This receipt must clearly list model and serial number if applicable, the date of purchase, the name and address of the purchaser and authorized dealer and the price paid by the purchaser. Tactico Scope reserves the right to modify the design of any product without obligation to purchasers of previously manufactured products and to change the prices or specifications of any product without notice or obligation to any person…. (click here for the full text of the terms & conditions)


Request or claims under the above Limited Warranty originating from North America may be sent to the following address:

U.S.A.: Tactico Warranty Depot
1320 E Street unit 46
Blaine, WA 98230-8130
Canada: Tactico Warranty Depot
3882 Main St Box 74113
Vancouver, BC, V5V 3N9

Claims under Warranty Outside of North America: Tactico Scope has authorized distribution in many countries around the world. In each country, the authorized importing retailer or distributor has accepted the responsibility for warranty of products sold by that retailer or distributor. Warranty service should normally be obtained from the importing retailer or distributor from whom you purchased your product. In the unlikely event of service required beyond the capability of the dealer or importer, Tactico Scope will fulfill the conditions of the warranty. Such product must be returned at the owner's expense to the Tactico Warranty Depot in Canada, together with a copy of the bill of sale for the product, a detailed description of the problem, and any information necessary for return shipment. Products returned without following the above guidelines will not be processed.


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